Best Web Hosting 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to host a website or web page on the internet. The best web hosting, that offers the software and services required to access the website or web page on the Internet. Websites are hosted on special computers called dedicated servers or stored therein.

There are plenty of web hosting options available for your website, the most common being is shared web hosting for a single website. However, if you have multiple websites, there are other options that allow you to keep all your websites on the same hosting account.

Although there are free web hosting services available, it is better to pay for a reliable and accountable service usually if you have more than just a hobby website. Web hosting doesn’t have to be expensive either, because there are still plenty of inexpensive web hosting offers around it. It applies especially if you have a more demanding website that needs more money, but there is still plenty of cheap VPS.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting 2020

Web hosting services provider has different monthly data transfer, storage space, email, and other features. Event the payment mechanism is different too like how you want to pay, monthly, or yearly, so it’s important to take the time to plan exactly what your business requires for skyrocketing.

If you are a company or small business owner, web hosting is a necessity for your business to showcase what you are actually doing. Our ever-connected world demands companies to have an online website. So every small or bigger business needs to be explored over the internet. At the very least, a company needs to have a 24/7 working website for its complete success.

1- Bluehost – The Best Web Hosting For 2020

No.1 and everyone’s favorite web hosting in all aspects.

Since its establishment 15 years ago, Bluehost has been in fierce competition. They have provided services to customers across the globe successfully by offering an efficient, reliable, and high-performing services. Today Bluehost is one of the most commonly used web hosting service providers.  Bluehost is also used as the best web hosting company for big business owners and site managers. They have been around for a long time, providing excellent hosting at a decent price, and they have a strong reputation in helping their clients. Bluehost does have a lot to do. This is the perfect hosting for every category of the website from small to large scale businesses. In fact, they host more than 2 million websites at the moment and have been in service.

Best Web Hosting


Bluehost is not only for advanced users as well as non-technical persons. The Bluehost team has developed a user-friendly interface for users to encourage non-technical people to use it easily for their benefit. Bluehost has made getting their website live easier for beginners. This ensures to have an elegant and clear user interface and any complicated technical aspects are clarified properly by the 24/7 support team. The interface is a very simple and intuitive experience to find the best hosting kit for your needs and to set up a website.

Best Hosting For Small Business

WordPress/Website Builder

WordPress can be easily enabled and started on Bluehost. Similarly, using Bluehost website builder software such as Drupal or Weebly, you can create a customizable template for your website. So yeah you don’t even need to hire a developer that code your website because you can set up your website, design it your own.

Server Speed/Response Time

Bluehost provides really high uptime for its server. Bluehost’s daily uptime eventually hovers around 99.9 percent And that is also for their lower-level shared hosting plans. You should expect services like cloud storage, VPS, and dedicated servers to be nearly 100 percent. Uptime at the website is extremely necessary. Essentially, uptime is the ratio of time your site will be online. Hosting companies ‘industry-standard uptime is around 99 percent, which may seem great. But in practice, not all hosts would end up adhering to this standard.

Bluehost is one of the fastest web hosts, as for most website owners it’s loading speeds are blazing. The speeds also vary depending on the sort of hosting your purchases. Shared hosting, for instance, would usually be the slowest hosting packages but their speeds are still competitive. Thus, going with plans such as VPS or a dedicated one would provide even faster loading times, because you have more server resources dedicated to your platform. There are also bundled applications that like CloudFlare, can help to boost load speeds even further. Cloudflare is a CDN that will store additional copies of your site on a worldwide network of servers. This means they will be served a version of your site from the nearest physical server location if anyone accesses your site.


Bluehost offers low introductory prices. In the beginning, it seems impractical because there are plenty of hosting companies that sell their services at very low rates. But when you get into the specifics you will know they don’t deliver the features you will enjoy with Bluehost. It provides unrestricted bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, 50 GB SSD storage, and more at $2.95 a month. You could hardly find any other hosting company that could sell those services at such an amazing price. It can accommodate your hosting needs easily without compromising on efficiency.

Best Cheap Web Hosting

Backup Service

Bluehost provides, on all their hosting plans, regular backups, and website restorations. Now, these backups have their limits, and if you’re serious about backup your site, you’ll always want to update or use backup software from third parties. But, having simple backups included in every hosting plan is an awesome deal. If something goes wrong with your site, all you need to do is restoring your site from an earlier version, rather than recreating it from scratch.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Bluehost is such a large hosting provider that they offer a variety of plans which enable you to scale up your site while remaining with the same hosting provider. If you are trying to move to a higher tiered hosting package, or to an entirely different service, such as switching from shared hosting to VPS hosting, all this can be accomplished painlessly. Their hosting team will ensure that this is a painless process and ensure that no downtime is encountered at your site during the transition. it couldn’t be easier to handle your web and server. You can track and control the server resources with their custom interface to help you decide when it’s time to upgrade.

Best VPS Hosting

SSL/ Security

Its strength is that it has managed to offer important features such as protection at very reasonable rates. Whether you’re choosing the Pro plan or Bluehost’s Basic Plan, you’d get a free SSL certificate. In addition, the privacy feature on your domain will secure your sensitive information from hackers. The malware attacks on WordPress sites have become very widespread. The SiteLock feature can now avoid these attacks. We can say Bluehost is the perfect choice to keep your site secure and safe.


It has a huge application library which allows you to access that services and application. You can not only allow eCommerce and Cloudflare features but also plug your hosting account into Google Apps. Giving you an even larger plugin library from which to draw. When you want to add more features to your website and hosting account, the app library can provide you with several choices.

Best Share Web Hosting

24/7 Customer Support

With Bluehost, you can get in contact with the customer support team using the email ticket support or live chat feature. When you need urgent support you can also give them a phone call. The customer service team at Bluehost is committed to delivering a fast response time. And this is why they are regarded as the best providers of hosting services. It does a better job of trying to address support problems before you ever need to talk to a services professional. Their comprehensive support library is packed with hundreds of questions and detailed walkthroughs to help you solve common problems.

Final Verdict

At last, we summarized that Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies based on delivering outstanding customer support. Overall it is best in all aspects and you will reap with that. Their plans are affordable and full of features. additionally, you’re sure to find a plan and bundle which is ideal for your new site with a wide range of available plans. Finally, those who are searching for a high-quality premium WordPress hosting bluehost is a good option for you.

2- A2 Hosting – Best Hosting For WordPress

No.1 Web hosting for WordPress 

When you are searching for a new web host then it is safe to assume that you have a preference for A2 Hosting. Whatever type of website you plan or have already designed, there’s something for every type of project and maybe, more importantly, every budget. For almost 20 years A2 Hosting has been running. This independently-owned hosting company may not be the industry’s most well-known brand but it has data centers around the world and offers excellent services. If you are searching for reliable web hosting services then look no other than the A2 Hosting.A2 offers outstanding customer service and high uptime rates. for speed, A2 is second to nobody. Fast Web hosting and A2 Hosting are synonymous.

Best Hosting For WordPress

Blazing Speed

A2 is famous for its quick blazing speed. If you compare with another provider in the market web then you realize A2 is faster than all of them. If you’re leaning towards a shared hosting plan, no matter what choice you choose, you’ll be happy with the pace. But the Turbo plan really does take you up to the next level. The speed of A2 remains continuous as we also look at their VPS and dedicated servers. So, if you have a site where speed matter (like an eCommerce website) then A2 is a great choice for you.

A2 Hosting host all users website on their proprietary SwiftServe platform. This technology allows your website to be loaded 20 time faster then others. Thus A2 Hosting have some of the fastest server response times on the hosted sites. The server response speed is typically below 350 milliseconds.

Server Uptime

A2 Hosting server have to 99.9 % uptime, and they are working hard to ensure that they fulfill this commitment by adhering to industry best practices such as using top-of-the-line servers, the best data centers and performing routine network maintenance. It uses solid-state drives in almost every hosting package it offers. SSD hosting perform much faster and smoother compared with conventional hard disk drives. SSDs store information in microchips, such as read and write requests, while conventional HDDs use a mechanical arm to transfer information from one location to another. SSDs make a significant contribution to the site’s speed and load time.


A2 Hosting has created its own Perpetual Security initiative but free SSL certificate included in each plan, that goes beyond and beyond to keep your site secure. Your account comes with free HackScan protection as part of the plan, which operates 24/7 to avoid attacks on your site. It includes an extra server firewall to block unauthorized users in addition to an overall network firewall.A2 hosting plans come with KernelCare and HackScan which are components of A2’s perpetual security initiative. HackScan is in fact security against malware. KernelCare is an extension of the software. This helps A2 to upgrade their kernel protection every day without any servers needing to reboot. You’ll benefit from quicker updates with KernelCare, and no downtime during updates.

Developer Friendly

A2 is a web hosting company that is developer-friendly, so its mission is to load all of its plans with features that developers love. You may not be at the stage where you are ready or confident to take advantage of the features. These features include backups from Server Rewind, administrative level root access on their virtual servers, and updated versions of the common and useful developer tools, such as PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Python. A2 Hosting also provides email features, so you can set up accounts that suit your website with emails. Entry-level plans come with only 25 accounts but an unlimited number of email addresses are provided by upgraded plans.

24/7/365 Support

Each reputable web hosting company knows that a solid support team is a key to success in this business. The world’s technology and engineering won’t do any good for customers if there’s no one around to help them solve problems. A2 branded the support team cleverly as Gurus, technological experts who can solve any problem you may have at any given hour. All customers of A2 Hosting get access to the customer service team located in the US 24/7/365. This means you can call, email, live chat, or drop by the help forum to get an answer to your question or a solution for your issue, no matter the time of day or day of the year. There is also a full online base knowledge that will help you to perform other tasks for your account and website. Complete details for all the key features and facilities offered at A2 Hosting can be found in the online support portal.

Final Verdict

We summarized A2 Hosting is a company focused primarily on excellent features that are mentioned in the above paragraphs. Overall it is a solid option for your website. It has reasonable pricing plans to meet a wide variety of needs, whether you are just starting out or planning to switch to a different web host. The biggest selling point for A2 Hosting is that it provides fast, developer-friendly hosting plans backed up by top-notch customer service.

3- Siteground – Best Hosting For Website

Best hosting for any type of business or company

Siteground is a popular name within the hosting community. This company is known for its incredible speed. It holds more than 1,800,000 domains. It is a reliable hosting due to its performance & uptime, but when you compare Pricing with other hosting providers you can notice it expansive on renewal. Hosting By WordPress is officially recommended by Siteground. It is very active in the community events and they have established themselves as a “well-crafted” hosting solution. Web hosting customers strongly enjoy it. It is particularly well known for its support. But its success is also highlighted frequently.

Best Web Hosting For Small Business

Siteground provides webmasters with Cpanel to handle their website but they already have their own management panel rolling out. In New Panel some users report bugs. Yet old users do not get it and they still have Cpanel to handle their websites. Siteground has several features that should be in every hosting, such as Free SSL, Free Migration, and other features. It not only provides those features but all of them also are working well.


One important thing that makes SiteGround stand out from the industry is SuperCacher. This tool helps users to benefit from various speed optimization tools such as Varnish Cache and Memcached. Indeed the technical team of SiteGround was the first company to introduce Memcached in a shared server environment. In addition to this, all SiteGround sites are stored on Solid State Drives, offering 1000x higher input/output operations compared to standard drives. The caching and dedicated servers of Siteground help to solve the problems and produce fast results. SiteGrounds hosting service without the activated SuperCacher was put under a speed check using Pingdom and compared with other leading hosting companies. The SuperCacher comes standard on all hosting plans but has to be configured manually. SiteGround comes with a wide variety of services and software to make the site quicker and more secure. Certain performance enhancement features of SiteGround include NGINX server speed, free CDNs, HTTP/2 compatible servers, and PHP7/HHVM executions.


SiteGround is very proud of its uptime which is 99.99%. They credit their sophisticated security technologies for a rock-solid uptime like this. They have a 99.95 percent average uptime and average downtime is 2 minutes per month. An additional unique feature that its users find especially useful and simple is their status checker for real-time uptime. whether you have server problems, or whether it’s just an ISP problem. Just enter your domain, find out in a moment. Besides having a super high uptime SiteGround also has some of the highest speed of loading out there. The loading speed will be one of the key attributes used to determine your web host. You are rank lower in the search engines without fast loading speeds, but you will also be delivering bad user experience.

Customer Support

Support Services of SiteGround is one of the best in the hosting game. For starters, they respond extremely quickly to requests for help. If you’re reaching out for live chat or phone help, you’ll experience zero waiting times. If you want to reach out via email to help, your maximum response time is 10 minutes. Most businesses are making their customers go through several touch-points where they can deal with bots or automated systems. But you never face any issue with SiteGround. You can find support 24/7 through networks at SiteGround including phone, live chat, and email. In addition, support is available in three languages: English, Italian, and Spanish. There is also a huge knowledge base that will help you walk through any problems you are facing at the moment, so you do not even need to reach for support. One thing is for sure with the help of SiteGround that is they really care for their customers. It have no waiting periods also have a prompt, professional, and supportive support staff. In terms of online customer service, it is hard to get better than that.


SiteGround takes seriously about Security. As they have protocols that are very high in order to secure the physical data centers where their servers are stored. Furthermore, they provide a range of security tools, including spam detection tools, firewalls, an AI bot detection and a suite of other security tools and features. There are pre-existing features that help avoid bugs and attempts to hack, such as security vulnerability software that checks servers periodically for any problems or security holes. If any safety threats are detected, they can be immediately patched. There are also a range of add-ons and bundled utilities, including HackAlert Tracking, hotlink security, blacklists of IP addresses, and anti-spam tools, such as SpamExperts and SpamAssassin. There is a special feature called Leech Safe that will help to prevent password theft and the sharing of passwords. This feature helps administrators to prevent users from posting passwords publicly to certain areas of the website.

Final Verdict

At last, we say that SiteGround is an amazing host, whose credibility is even better. They work hard to excel in all the important aspects that a hosting company should look for, customer support, efficiency, uptime, and security. If you’re using SiteGround to host your first website, or you’ve created dozens of sites online during your time. It is a strong, considerable host. Their shared hosting plans, as well as their controlled WordPress plans, and custom Enterprise servers, are extremely common. In addition, the company’s hosting services come with considerable features some of which other web hosts don’t deliver. Therefore, SiteGround makes a great choice of a web host as you enjoy flexibility, consistent uptime, flawless results, excellent support, class-leading security, and premium features regardless of which hosting plan you purchase.

4- HostGator – Best Valuable Hosting For Money

Each time there is a conversation about web hosts, it comes up with the name HostGator with good reason. Having been around for over a decade, one can assume that HostGator is one of the most reliable and known web hosts. It excels in many areas including customer support, flexibility in hosting, uptime, shared hosting, and much more. This expertise in many web hosting aspects combined with a variety of features and efficiency makes HostGator a good option for any website owner.

HostGator is without a doubt among the industry’s most common names, particularly for US-based users. It currently hosts nearly 10 million domain names making it one of the world’s largest hosting providers. The company developed a very strong reputation in the first ten years of its existence that attracts the attention of EIG. As with so many things EIG touches the consecutive acquisition. It was not entirely helpful and caused some major interruptions early in the Provo data center which also affected Bluehost.

Best Web Hosting

Customer Support

HostGator provides support for the knowledge base, phone, email, and live chat. The last choice is the quickest, which connects us to a service rep in around 15 seconds. We tried to bombard them with questions, switch from topic to topic and they never once hesitated. Their employees tend to be competent, well-trained, and polite. This had been a nice all-round experience. It provides customer service 24/7 over the phone and online chat. While the representative of telephone support provides you with clear instructions almost instantly relating to any problem, the support for online chat is very slow. Their tech help, however, knows what they’re talking about, and is very professional. HostGator provides a lot of different platforms to help. You’ll get access to 24/7/365 support, through live chat, email, phone, and even social media. The response times may not be super quick, but they’re still going the extra mile to help resolve any problems you may face.

HostGator is tailor-made for bloggers or webmasters. Their website is full of guides, walkthroughs and more to help you navigate the dark DNS and data center world. It provides additional tools for beginners looking to set up a site without the trouble of hiring other people to design, create, and handle it. Their website designer, Gator by HostGator, is one of the best we’ve been looking at. This comes with free hosting and a domain name and all you need to do is buy a single account for all your necessities. The Gator by HostGator also comes with an eCommerce program, so you can set up a fully-functional online store with inventory and more, all without thinking about payment gateways, plugins, or some other messy technology.

Server Uptime

HostGator provides an uptime of 99.9 % out of the gate. In most hosting companies this is relatively common across the board. But, it’s still something that your host needs to have. Each time your site spends offline, you lose money and you are delivering bad user experience. They back it up with a guarantee besides getting better uptime. If the uptime of your website falls short of their uptime of 99.9% then you will be compensated accordingly.

Free SSL & Website Builder

The web-based website builder from HostGator provides an excellent drag-and-drop editor that can be used for your own domain, and free SSL is thrown in. There is no cap on the amount of space you use, but be mindful that if your website proves resource-intensive you can need to upgrade your hosting. The website builder simply makes it easy to set up an efficient and professional-looking website without any coding expertise or experience, so it would probably be worth it for those who are not familiar with HTML, CSS, and PHP programming, particularly for web templates that are mobile-friendly.

Shared hosting plans by HostGator are relatively bare-bones. You get plenty for one site but there aren’t a lot of extras on top of that. they also provide some extra security features, such as the option to add SiteLock authentication to your site. The program runs regularly, searching for any possible vulnerabilities or breaches on the internet, and letting you know when they find it. Spam Assassin is also provided on their email plans to help keep spam from entering your inbox first. The only downside is that SiteLock’s going to cost you some extra.

Final Verdict

Finally, we concluded that hosting by HostGator does offer many advantages. In the last year or so the uptime has really improved. The customer service had been good. And the variety of friendly solutions makes it user-friendly. It’s high-end VPS and dedicated plans are short on configurability. Its shared hosting plans provide tons of functionality at a very reasonable price. There is top-quality support to ensure everything runs smoothly and a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. A good alternative for users who need more shared hosting.

5- Hostinger – Best Cheap Web Hosting

Best for Blog and Small Ecommerce Businesses 

Hostinger is great for small businesses and people who want to start their first blogs or websites but who don’t have to spend a lot of money on hosting. One of web hosting’s lowest starting rates, at just $0.80 a month. They already have 25 million people customer that continuously rising every day because of their great services. Hostinger is currently also encouraging you to be a website designer by using their services.

It’s clear now that Hostinger has only who grow in a short period of time. Due to the many unlimited and free features, most people love their services. It offers other services including WordPress hosting, registration of domain names, web hosting, cloud hosting, and many more. By offering the best services available on the market. Hostinger offers you excellent value for your money. It has a wide variety of flexible apps and great offers to make them very accessible for the user. Most users admire this web host company for its rapid speed.

Best Cheap Web Hosting

You’ll love and enjoy how fast their servers are, particularly if you buy a premium or business package that it provides. Hostinger is recognized worldwide for offering quality features at very affordable prices. This company ensures they optimize their customer’s success rate by showing them how they can perform better in the web hosting market.

Hostinger is the simplest to use, compared to another web host. Let me just explain why. The control panel has large icons that make finding exactly what they want when they need it very simple for one. It is really helpful for beginners who are learning how to get and run and make a website. It provides you with an interface where you can find everything you need at one location. This makes it very simple and convenient.

Server Uptime

The best hosting service concerned is about uptime they provide. Hostinger has an uptime of 98%. They have special engineers present all over the world keeping a watch on their servers. When there is some error, urgent maintenance work is performed so that there is no issue with the website because of this. Hostinger has servers in Europe, America, and Asia in the United States. Its servers use a bandwidth of 1000 Mbps. It will certainly affect your speed when you have such strong communication. A website takes a second to load with this sort of server connection. We strongly believe that many choose Hostinger because it’s very fast compared to other web host companies.

Customer Support

This hosting company really values their customers. The customer support department works 24/7 to ensure the needs of the whole client. They will support you as soon as you inform them of your concern. The customer service team is very professional, helpful, and always concerned about the needs of the customer. Customer support provides you with some valuable knowledge that allows you to know more about web hosting. The customer care team is making sure to help its customers in a very impressive way and satisfied them with the company’s great services. As their support team is extremely skillful, helpful, and respectful. Their main focus is to assist the customers and to ensure that all their questions are answered. While you may hang on waiting by them to answer the call for a long time, when they respond to the request, you are assured of great services.


Everyone needs a lot of security to secure the site. Hostinger acknowledges this and offers you the best. Each package you want to choose comes in with assassin spam. Spam assassin is a spam email that checks and deletes spam emails automatically. Hostinger takes more serious about security. The reason is this because every plan that you choose comes with certain security measures. Such security measures include protection against DDOS attacks, daily to weekly data backups, smart security protection ‘BitNinja’, and the SSL certificate.

Final Verdict

We conclude that Hostinger is fine. The cheap host’s performance will compete with industry giants. It is easy to use, customer service is outstanding, and there is much gratitude for the clarity given regarding the shortcomings of the Plans. There are still a few drawbacks that Hostinger may want to change though. If you are searching for the best and most economical service for web hosting, Hostinger is just what you are searching for. We sure to tell you that for this company you can make the decision proudly. We can tell you this is one of those choices you won’t regret. It doesn’t have a lot of apps but it’s worth it compared to how much you’re paying for. As it is a very inexpensive, powerful, and safe alternative to get your website started and developed. It has an intuitive control panel, excellent customer service, and future-proof scalability options.

Let us know which best web hosting you are using or planning to use. If you have any questions or concern let us know in the below comments box.

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